Slimming Down in Your Fifties

Dropping weight at any age can feel challenging, but there’s nothing like getting older to help you realize how much easier it was to lose weight when you were younger.

Working with What You’ve Got
As you age, due to a decrease in stomach acid, your body doesn’t extract and use nutrients as efficiently as it once did. This change makes the quality of the food you’re consuming more important than ever. Plus, a little change called menopause may be throwing a spammer or two into the hormonal/metabolic works!

Fight Back: Change How You Snack
Eating defensively to ward off disease, sluggishness and excess fat, and to feel your best requires adjusting your diet in a way that may not always delight your id and taste buds, but think of it as a method of bodily organic weed control.

Eating healthy meals as you get older is more important than ever to ward off conditions like diabetes, as your system doesn’t process insulin as effectively. You’ve been told this since you were a kid, but now it’s serious. Eat your leafy greens, fresh fruits and whole grains and avoid processed foods.

Other Side Effects That Come With More Birthdays
Slowed digestion and reduced stomach acid also affect how well your body absorbs calcium, vitamin B12 and vitamin D. Along with a lagging metabolism, a deficiency of vitamin D or calcium makes it harder for your body to burn fat. That’s why you should take a multivitamin formulated for those over 50, which helps you maintain and replenish those nutrients.

Adjusting Your Habits
Are you so busy at work during the day you forget to eat or barely eat? Moreover, whether or not that bag of chemicals calling itself corn chips you had at 3pm is real food is arguable. Consequence: You come home ravenous and eat the biggest meal of the day in the evening, which makes it hard not to snowball into a fat and calorie orgy at dinnertime.

A Good Lifestyle Change is Not the End of Pleasure
Whatever your age, you can still occasionally indulge in the foods you love, but in a more controlled way. Helen Gurley Brown, Cosmopolitan magazine editor and general legend, often wrote in detail about how carefully she normally ate to maintain her weight, as well as what she loved to splurge on and how she did it while staying thin.

Timing Your Quantities
That adage about breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper is something to think about when mulling over how to eat in your fifties. It’s true, your body is unlikely to tolerate and magnanimously throw off the same neglect and abuse you used to subject it to, but you can take advantage of the powers of good self-care to take you to a happier, healthier, leaner self.

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